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Piano for Kids is the only full service music lesson company whose fun and effective classes inspire 7-12 year olds to develop their creativity, grow their confidence, and learn more about music in six months than most programs cover in one year. Submit an application today to enroll in our 6 Month Academy!

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Piano for Kids brings a fresh, cool approach to piano lessons. Instead of old, stuffy teachers, we have vivacious and talented young musicians. Our students build creative skills and become confident through the unique art of piano (in half the time than other companies). We come to your home so learning piano is easily integrated into daily life, and you can applaud all day long.


The 6 Month Academy is our parent-approved process that effectively teaches your little one more music and piano skills in half a year than other companies achieve in 12 months! Our engaging and fun teachers make learning music a full on experience that your child will look forward to week after week. This time commitment ensures your child’s progress and growth as they meet with a dynamic teacher every week for 6 months. Enroll with Piano for Kids and see actual results from your little musician!


Piano for Kids is based on the idea that through fun and connection, young students will eagerly tackle the challenge of learning how to understand and play music. From the classics to the top songs on the radio, our teachers inspire an appreciation of music. Our students often end up inspiring their own families to love this art form even more than before. And as the student explores music, their creativity grows, their confidence increases, and their skills expand – all while tapping their feet!


We organize two exciting recitals a year for the community to come together to “ooh and ahh” at the brilliance of the students. We regularly commemorate your student’s accomplishments and milestones and keep them excited about their learning. Plus we actively look for creative ways to put your student in the spotlight. Sometimes this means they will create their own music videos, other times it means we help them get noticed in the community and even booked for events. We put the fun back in piano!

Convenience + Peace of Mind

Piano for Kids is the most trusted in-home music lesson for children aged 7-11. We know that juggling schedules, arranging transportation, and getting out the door can sometimes be the hardest part in any program! Now you can rest easy, knowing that our age-appropriate lessons happen in the safety and comfort of your own home (so there’s no sitting in traffic!). Our fun, courteous, and kind teachers are focused on your child and customize lessons to help them succeed. Learn more about our select program today!

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  • This is my first time writing a review on Yelp but I just HAD to share how amazing this company is! My 6 year old son had his first lesson with Jill (his very 1st piano lesson ever) and after the 1/2 hour he said “Oh, is it over already? When can you come again?!” There is nothing more important than a young child being EXCITED to play the piano and counting the days until his next lesson. We feel so lucky to have found this amazing company and we are so thankful for Jill and her teaching style. She was sweet and kind, while still making sure he performed the technique correctly. We love that they come to our home too because with 2 other children, hauling everyone all over OC for lessons, sports, etc gets very hectic. I wanted to mention that we only have a keyboard (and not a very nice one) but Morgan assured us it would be fine for quite some time while he is learning the basics which is great. Overall an amazing choice for kids to learn (and love) music!
    Jennifer M.

    Mother, San Clemente

  • Bianca loves her piano teacher. She has a lot of fun learning piano fundamentals and music theory.

    Mother, Ladera Ranch

  • I have been taking lessons with Morgan for about two and a half years now and I still look forward to each lesson. Morgan is fun and gives me fun rewards if I did a good job for the week.

    4th grade student, Ladera Ranch

  • I’m glad my mom found Morgan to be my piano teacher. It makes it much more fun to have someone closer to my age since I think she understands me more and I can relate to what she is saying better.

    7th grade student, Ladera Ranch

  • My son Shalin has been going to piano for 3 years and I feel this is a great environment because there is a teacher that is young and can relate with him very well.

    Mother, Laguna Niguel

Pencils of Promise

Because every child deserves access to quality education

“Their future is our future.”

Piano for Kids is deeply committed to providing, and supporting, high quality education across the globe. We know that for some children it’s still a daily struggle to access schools with well trained teachers, adequate supplies, and an engaging curricula. It’s important for the education process to be the best it can possibly be, because in the long run, our future is all connected.

Pencils of Promise builds schools and provides quality educational programming to increase literacy proficiency in Ghana, Guatemala, Laos, and Nicaragua. They offer teacher support and education programs focused on enhancing students ability to read and communicate effectively. We love their story and their mission, which is why we give a portion of our profits to Pencils of Promise. Your student learns the piano and another student learns to read. It’s a duet!